Roof Repair Dallas Fort Worth TX

Available Roofing Services to Deal and Take the Best Care of Your Roof?

Don’t ignore early signs of roofing issues. Call Southern Roofing & Construction for a FREE inspection of your roof to avoid potential damage to the interior of your home.

There are various things that can cause your roof to leak. Roofing issues calls for the best roofing experts in Dallas TX.  We will check not only obvious signs such as hail damage but also buckled shingles and/or damaged flashing,  It’s important to catch leaks right away to prevent interior water damage and/or mold. Standing water in an attic can be a fire risk. Don’t leave your home at risk of structural damage.  Experienced roof repairing technicians in Dallas can figure out the issues and tell you the causes as well remedies for roof repair.

Some Common minor causes that calls for a roof repair!

 Faulty flashings – The flashings that are set up around the skylights or chimneys are meant for filling the usual gaps that form around them. However, if they fail to do so, the cracks can allow the water to seep through, resulting in seepages and leaks.

 Missing shingles – These are tiny units that can be easily blown away by the wind. In case this goes unnoticed, it can cause roof problems. The only solution in such a case is an urgent roof repair.

Damaged and rusted nails – The nails on the roof are always exposed to the elements and so they may deteriorate over time. These rusted nails sometimes let the water in by creating holes in your roof.

 Ridge cap gaps – The ridge caps must be fixed carefully without leaving any gaps. These are installed at the joint of the two sloping sides of the roof.  However, a gap in between can result in a leak.

Don’t let any of these to harm your roof; call your trusted roofing experts in Dallas TX!

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